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September 10, 2003
It tastes good, or does it?  Soon you may not know.

A recent article in the NY Times called
"Researchers Seek to Trick Bitter Taste
Buds" offers evidence of a frightening new trend in food chemistry, tricking the
senses.  Purportedly developed to make 'healthy foods taste better', scientists
have uncovered the chemical secret to preventing people from sensing bitter

Let me ask you, what healthy food do you reject because it tastes too bitter?  
Don't be fooled, this additive has been designed to mask the unpleasant flavors
that result from food processing not any naturally caused bitter flavor.

May this idea exit the intestines of society as quickly as Olestra did!
Here's another article that can be filed under the 'who cares' file, low-carb French
fries.  Designed specifically for those who have absolutely no self-control, these
extruded fry shapes made from cauliflower sound absolutely gross!