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Gourmandiary...November 11, 2003

In the October 2003 Atlantic Monthly there was a article that advocated using will
top 20 billion by 2050.  While any person of compassion would feel compelled to
agree with the hypothesis that an exploding population will cause terrible
famines if current agribusiness practices are not modified, I think, in our
post-nuclear age, that we should all be wise enough to see that technology is
not the ultimate answer to those concerns.  Well, someone at the Atlantic
thought my ideas on that topic were worth publishing!

While not being dismissive of GM foods, my letter to the editor did try and explain
that before we apply a technological remedy to this problem we ought to first
address the structural economic issues that put the ample food supplies we have
outside the economic reach of the world's poorest populations.  Streamlining the
world-wide food delivery system and reducing the influence of corrupt
governments on famine relief programs will buy the scientific community the time
it needs to perform the long term testing of GM foods that is required to ensure
that they are safe to eat and will not ruin fragile economies or the environment.

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