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Gourmandiary, May 2004
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Maine Road Food
Each May my family takes a trip to the Coast of Maine.  Only two hours north of
Boston, Ogunquit and its environs are a great area to explore.  Of course, finding
great road food is always right up there on my list of things to do.  Here is a
report on what we enjoyed while we were there!  From my pen to you pal...
Cape Neddick

There is perhaps no greater compliment that
willing to wait 45 minutes to eat one.  Yes, this
will often be the case when one visits Flo's on
product of the popularity of the dog and the
method of preparation.  Y'see the bun steamer
can only handle fifty buns at a time.  Orders are
taken until all fifty buns are accounted for, then
those not in that select group wait until all fifty
orders are filled and the bun steamer is
reloaded.  God help you if the guy at the front
of the line orders thirty hot dogs to take home.
What makes me insatiably desirous of
these dogs?  These pups are saucy!  A
Flo's special is a hot dog slathered with
sauce.  The sauce is a relish really,
probably based on that green stuff you
normally associate with summer
picnics, but in Flo's hands it becomes a
spicy brown accoutrement of distinction.

Queue up and enjoy!
Here's a news flash for ya...the day I ate at Flo's  (May 14th) was the first day
that you could buy a jar of Flo's relish!  Seems that enough people asked to
take some home that they decided to put it up for sale in a dogless state.  
Reports of hoarding should not be underestimated...

Here's one now...!  
Here's one now...!  

Jennifer Betancourt is the cheese maker at
Smiling Hill Farm.  I drove up to the Saco
Farmer's Market on Saturday and bought an
udderly wonderful selection of Jennifer's
product.  What an welcome addition to our
cocktail hour!

Jennifer makes great cow's milk cheese in a
variety of styles.  My favorite is her 'Rustico' a
brushed rind cheese with caraway seeds that
has been aged for about a year now.  Her
fresh cheddar curds are bite sized beauties
that ought to never touch a cracker.  Sold
coated in french herbs and extra virgin olive oil
these little nuggets of soft cheese are the ultimate snack for a cheese-a-holic such
as myself.  While she's been making cheese since she was a teenager, this is
Jennifer's first year as a full-time cheesemaker.  Congrats!  I'd say she's off to a
spectacular start.  Stop by the Farmer's Market in the Shaw's parking lot if you're in
Saco on a Saturday morning, or better yet, click the Smiling Hill link above and order
Jennifer's cheese online.  Remember 'Rustico' is the way to go!

Don't they look happy?  Of course!  They just ate at the Chauncey Creek Lobster
Pier in Kittery.  This is serious Maine ambiance and should NOT be visited by people
water from which they come.
Thanks again for spending some time with me this month, and remember,  
Eat thoughtfully for full pleasure!
a simple fashion so you could simply enjoy it!  At Chauncy's I had found the spilling
out of the bun served as close to the water as one can be without actually being in
it, enjoying the sound of a kayaker's paddle gently slapping his way along, the
moments that define and reinforce what life as a 'foodie' is all about.

To get to the Chauncy Creek Lobster Pier, drive out Route 103 following the signs
for Fort McClary State Park.  About a mile or so past the entrance is Chauncy Creek
Road.  Bang a right and heaven is a few hundred yards away!