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Making Tea...the MOVIE!
Always interested in finding new ways to embellish the content of this site, I had
some fun this month of December making a short film.

Let's make tea the Gastromancer's way!

Some people find the brewing of loose tea to be a daunting, messy task.  As with
most jobs, the right tools make all the difference.  Using equipment that you can
find at most Asian markets or kitchen shops, I'll show you how to whip up a batch
of the best tasting tea you've ever had.

Click below to watch the
Gastromancer in...

"Making Tea"
file.  It is best viewed over a broadband connection.  

Ceramic 'Brewing' Tea Cups...

...can be bought online HERE , HERE, or look for them at your local Asian Market.

"Joyce Chen" brand ceramic Stove-to-Table teapots...

...can be bought online HERE.  Remember, not all clay pots can go from oven to table.

Excellent Teas...

..can be bought online HERE or HERE.  Go green!