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Gourmandiary, April 2005
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Damn Good Beef Jerky

You'll swear by this stuff.  My last visit to my parent's home near Albany, NY found
me munching through a delicious bag of "Damn Good" beef jerky that I had
purchased along with a tank of gas just after I had gotten there.  I love beef
jerky but always try to steer clear of the mass produced stuff which always tastes
of nitrites rather than beef.  This "Damn Good" stuff isn't something I come across
much in Boston, and a quick look at the label confirmed that "Damn Good" world
headquarters was just up the Hudson from Albany in Stillwater, NY.  Let's visit!  
This oven can cook 300 pounds of jerky at a time
and its only 1/3 the size of their 'big' oven!
As Greg and I talked about his
business he told me a surprising thing.
 "If I hadn't started in 2000, I could
never break in today".  While XX was
ahead of the beef jerky boom, others
who tried to ride that wave after him
were less scrupulous and after a few
people got sick the government began
because this is great 'beefy' flavored
ingredients that go into the
marinades.  It looked like a bigger
version of the spice shelf in my own
afraid of.  No barrels of chemicals or
other hallmarks of an 'industrial food'
because this is great 'beefy' flavored
operation.  This is real food, made in
jerky.  Walking through the plant I
small batches just the way the owner
likes it, not some over processed salty

My favorite is the 'Original'.  Hey, what
can I say, I'm a purist.  But the
'Peppered' is a close second with its
delectable slow burn that only catches
up with you after the third piece.  For
those of you who like it on the
sweeter side, try the BBQ flavor.
the tour!  Your food typifies the quality that only an operation of your size can
achieve.  I had a blast and am still hoarding a few bags for the next road trip.  
don't have to drive to Stillwater to get it.

Head to and experience what good jerky is all about.

Thanks again for spending some time with me this month, and remember,  
Eat thoughtfully for full pleasure!
good source of the real thing.  They
then realized, 'Hey, we might have a
business here'!business here'!